1. Not Reading, understanding and obeying the TOS (terms of service)

It seems tedious but if you do take your account
or money seriously it's good idea to take a few minutes
and read each and every line of Neobux's TOS.
Search or ask questions on the forum if there is something your don't understand.

2. Recycle Rented referrals too early

Give referrals least 5 days or more before judging them.
Most users are not going to click each day
that's an unreal expectation.
But most of the time they can still click enough
to pay for themself and give you some small profits.
Usually recycle a referral when you can spot
reoccuring unprofitable clicking behavior.

3. Using the same password to all your accounts

It may be easy for you to remember but it
puts your account at a greater risk of it being stolen.
You can make it more secure by adding a second
password and using special characters.

4. Inadequate budget/funds available before renting referrals

It's like going into a casino to gamble with only $20
you will not very long unless you're extremely lucky.
Except that Neobux is not a gambling or an investment site.
Neobux is a secrete gem, with the right budget and approach
you can actually make some profit over and over again.
As a standard or golden member always have at least
between $0.75~$1.12 budget for each ref you like to rent.
If you have the budget ($2500 or more) adding an
Ultimate pack is the best way to go.

5. Not setting aside some time each day for your business

Consistancy, persistance and conditioning are your best friends.
Even in real life these quality can improve all aspects of your life.
Set a consistent time between 15~45 minutes each day for the
account/business you have started.

Few examples: For me I rarely miss any ads and clicking adprize.
Not missing ads only ensures that I get clicks each day from referrals
it also gives me lots extra earnings.
It's lots adprize ads to view (over 100000's of ads) but I have
won around 500 adprize worth over $250 when it was first introduced back in 1/14/2012.
many other users have won more than 4 times the amount.

#6. Renting referrals too fast

This is the biggest killer when renting referrals.
You can waste lots time, effort and money not knowing
what you are getting yourself into.
Lowering the rent costs for all your rented referrals is the key
Extend referrals 240 days gives you the biggest discounts @ 30%
Even better and up to 32% during Admin discount days.

By avoiding these common mistakes hopefully
you account can be more fruitful, Good Luck!

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