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Set some personal goals on how much income to earn or which combination of methods.
There are many free ways to earn in Neobux without spending any money:
1 - Get Direct Referrals
2 - Complete Mini jobs
3 - Install Adalert (alerts you when ads becomes available)
4 - Complete Neopoints offers
5 - Complete Neocoins offers
6 - View Adprize for a chances to win 1 year free golden membership, cash from $0.25 to $50, and points.


- Before you start to rent referrals
have at least $1.12 save up for each referral you like to rent

for example:
to rent 10 referrals have ($1.12x10) = $11.20 saved up before you rent

- For the safest approach to grow your account
always renew your rented referrals at 240 days
after the initial 30 days renting.

the price for the first 30 days renting you can find it on the Neobux help page:

the renewal price for all membership types you can find it here:


read this forum post for ideas of getting direct referrals:

Learn more about adalert: Here
Learn more about adprize: Here
Learn more about mini jobs: Here
Learn more about coins and points offers: Here

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